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DC Adventures Review on Gamer’s Haven Podcast

We sent Ethan Parker a copy of DC Adventures while it was still just a Word document — then sent him a copy of the PDF when it was available — so he could familiarize himself with it for some interviews we did recently. Then he went and decided to write and record a review […]

DC Adventures Design Journal #7

by Jack Norris So let’s talk about Thomas Blake, better known to comics fans as Catman. Catman presented three challenges in DC Adventures. First, he’s a lot like Batman. This might seem like a plus, and in a lot of ways it is, but it also means care needed to be taken to showcase both […]

DC Adventures Character Sheets

The DC Adventures: Hero’s Handbook comes with a single-page character sheet, but we know your heroes are bigger and bolder than that, so we’ve whipped up a two-page character sheet. One in color, like the one in the back of the book, and one in black & white to save your printer some ink. In […]