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Heroes & Villains Design Journal #3: Blue Beetle, Part II

MEET THE BEETLES, Part II We continue with our look at the Blue Beetle legacy with the write-up of… Blue Beetle II                                            PL11 Abilities Strength        3                  Fighting         8 Stamina          3                  Intellect       7 Agility            6                  Awareness    4 Dexterity       6                  Presence        2 Powers BB Gun: Array (16 points), Easily Removable (-8 points)         • Blinding Strobe: Cumulative […]

Vigilance Press Podcast: DC Adventures Actual Play

The Vigilance Press Podcast guys asked to use some of DC characters for their latest “actual play” podcast. They wanted to use the Teen Titans and chose Cyborg, Blue Beetle, and Red Devil and you can hear how the 2-hour game went here! They do an excellent job of explaining rules as they come up […]

Heroes & Villains Design Journal #2: Freedom Fighters

By Christopher McGlothlin, M.Ed. Hi, I’m Christopher McGlothlin. You may remember me from such sourcebooks as DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Vol. I, DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains Vol. II, and the ones I did under my pen name “Steve Kenson.” Line developer Jon Leitheusser — not to be confused with the Reverse Leitheusser or Bizarro Leitheusser […]

Vigilance Press Podcast: Random Character Generation

All of the books and supplements created for DC Adventures work equally well with the new Mutants & Masterminds game, and vice versa. Coming soon, Green Ronin will release a GM Kit, which includes a screen with useful charts for the GM, beautiful artwork on the other side, and a booklet that contains a “Quickstart […]

Heroes & Villains Design Journal #1: Deadman

By Steven Trustrum Putting Off-the-Wall Characters and Powers Under the Microscope It’s not every day a writer finds himself assigned a job quite so interesting as cobbling together character stats for the likes of a talking gorilla in love with a brain in a fish bowl, or an interstellar mercenary with a weapon that can […]

DC Adventures in the New Year

The DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook has been out for a while now and we’re at work on DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains, Volume I. The holidays slowed things down, which was expected, but then we were surprised by a long and bad illness by the people actually supplying us with the art from the DC archives.  As […]

DC Adventures Developer Update

It’s been a while since our last update about where things stand on the various DC Adventures releases, but things are progressing well. Here’s where things stand: DC Adventures: Heroes & Villains, Volume I: This is still in production and looking good. The PDF will be out sometime after we ring in the new year. You’ll […]