DC Adventures: Universe on the Vigilance Press Podcast

grr5004e_100.jpgJames Dawsey, the man behind the mic for the Vigilance Press Podcast invited DC Adventures Line Developer Jon Leitheusser and two of the writers for for the DC Adventures line to talk about the release of the new Universe book. DC Adventures: Universe is the fourth and final book in the line, so the interview includes information on the book itself as well as the game as a whole. 

Give it a listen here.

Earlier in the week, James interviewed DC Adventures Game Designer Steve Kenson and freelancer Aaron Sullivan about the book.

Listen to what they have to say here.

Pre-order the book and get a PDF right now for $5.

Or get just the PDF now for $20.

Jon Leitheusser spent several years as the developer for the Mutants & Masterminds game. He started gaming at the age of 12, has worked in the industry at a game and comic store, two distribution companies, as a publisher (where he originally published the Dork Tower comic book), as a game designer for HeroClix, as a freelancer, and then for Green Ronin. He's originally from Burlington, Wisconsin and now lives in Washington State.